Working Groups

Working Groups

We have several on going “working groups” that have been looking at specific details of individual projects. All community members are welcome to get involved with These groups and are as follows:

Get Loud

We publish a submission-based local magazine with a three-fold goal. The primary goal is to give homeless individuals a voice. Many of them want to be able to tell people why they are where they are at and the specific issues they are dealing with daily. Another goal is to give the general public a better understanding of what homelessness is like. A third goal is to provide real time information to the people in the homeless community about services, events and meetings that affect their lives.

Join us in the endeavor! We meet Tuesdays and Fridays from 1:00pm to 3:00pm at our office at (2260 California) . You may also email or call the DHOL phone (720-940-5291).

Homeless Bill of Rights

Laws that segregate, make criminals of people based on their status rather than their behavior, or prohibit certain people’s right to be in public spaces are not just sad relics from the past. Today, numerous laws infringe on poor people’s ability to exist in public space or obtain basic needs  such as housing, employment, and equal protection under the law. Our Homeless Bill of Rights (HBR) Campaign stands on the shoulders of social justice campaigns of the past to alleviate poverty  and homelessness while protecting homeless and poor people from unjust laws and ensuring all people’s right to exist in public spaces.

Join us in this endeavor!

We meet every Wednesday at 2:30pm at our office (2260 California St). Email us at or call the DHOL phone (720-940-5291) to get involved.

Urban Rest Stops

Anyone who spends two days living in public spaces will quickly learn of the vast lack of public places to use a toilet or shower. Furthermore, you will soon find that there are very few places where you can store your belongings while walking about town, looking for work, or whatnot. DHOL would like to address these needs by opening spaces around Denver with restrooms, showers, storage boxes, and laundry facilities.

Join us in this endeavor! Meeting schedule for this working group currently is in flux. Email us at or call the DHOL phone (720-940-5291) to get involved.

Tiny Homes

One new, cheap, environmentally friendly, and empowering type of house that some cities are starting to build for people in need of a home are Tiny Homes. Tiny Homes are very small (e.g. 10 by 18ft) homes, that cost very little to build and maintain. With many empty lots all around Denver, and the minimal space which a Tiny Home takes, these could be put in clusters of 1-10 or more in various empty spaces around the city and provide homes for many.

Help out with this endeavor! Email us at or call the DHOL phone (720-940-5291) to get involved.