I, ______________________________, am a volunteer at Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL).  I will not hold DHOL liable for any injuries, thefts, or other incidents during my service. I give DHOL permission to use my image and or conversations to promote the organization in print or electronic media. Additionally, if I use my vehicle or provide transportation during sweeps on behalf of DHOL, I affirm that I maintain both a valid driver’s license and vehicular insurance.

I agree to respect the privacy and dignity of all houseless folks I interact with while volunteering with DHOL. I will not disclose any private information I gather or which is shared with me via DHOL employees with other houseless folks or other third parties, including family members. If the need should arise, I agree to hold conversations regarding this information with staff in private. I understand that no houseless folks should be photographed or interviewed without their consent.

I have reviewed the Conduct and Expectations document, printed on the back of this form and I agree to abide by the agreements outlined. I will direct any media inquiries to the appropriate DHOL staff member, and I will behave in accordance with DHOL’s mission and values while representing the organization as a volunteer. 

Name: _____________________________________ Consent to photograph: _____(Y/N)

Signature: __________________________________ Date: ________________

(We do not take volunteers under 18 years of age)

Address: ________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________ Email: _____________________________

Group/Organization: ____________________________________________________

Do you have any skills that you would like to donate to Denver Homeless Out Loud? Please let us know what those are:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Commitment to Anti-Oppression –

Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL) Strives to empower all people to actively and collectively challenge the histories and structures of discrimination and oppression that marginalize some, and divide all of us. This includes: ableism, ageism, classism, hetrosexism, racism, religious discrimination, sexism, transphobia, xenophobia, among others. Volunteers will abide by these commitments at all times.

Policy on Spiritual and Religious Activities —

Denver Homeless Out Loud prohibits discrimination based on religious or spiritual beliefs. DHOL volunteers are expected to uphold these values. On this note, do not initiate spiritual or religious activities, including, but not limited to praying, hymn singing, reading or distributing faith based literature, or prosthelytizing in general while volunteering.

Confidentiality Agreement —

DHOL information can be extremely sensitive. As such, no information should be shared with outside parties, including friends and family who are not DHOL volunteers. All requests for information or media should be referred to DHOL staff. 

Volunteers who do not abide by these agreements will go through a community accountability process, which may include a probationary period before being able to participate in volunteering or receiving information from DHOL.

Please print, fill out, and email to: volunteer@denverhomelessoutloud.org or mail to: Denver Homeless Out Loud, 1600 Downing St, Suite 230, Denver, CO 80218