Top 13 Reasons the ‘Urban Camping’ Ban Is Harmful, Not Helpful

1. Denver already has 10 ordinances that prohibit the necessary survival actions/needs of the homeless—an additional ordinance is unnecessary.

2. The ordinance does not permanently remove homeless individuals from camp—people may be repeatedly ticketed with little to no effect. Homeless people who get jail time just come out and go back to camping.

3. Multiple sanitation-related ordinances already exist, so the ‘Urban Camping’ Ban is unnecessary to address “sanitation.” The ban does not address “public safety” as it heightens the danger of someone freezing to death.

4. Results in a huge cost impact on broader community: the 2010 Federal Strategic Plan to End Homelessness found that on, average, cities spend $87 a day to jail a person, compared to $28 a day for shelter. The Daily Camera (Boulder) reported the average cost of prosecuting one camping ticket is about $1,100. Just the 20 cases taken to trial since 2009 have cost city taxpayers around $22,000.

5. Burdens the Police Department who frequently do not have the staff to “round up and put away” homeless people.

6. Does not address the needs of the persistently mentally ill or chemically addicted who may be resistant to accept treatment/leave camps

7. Does not address the shortage of shelter space or lack of affordable housing. In 2011, the fair market rent for an average two-bedroom apartment was $841 in Colorado. Given that a monthly SSI benefit is only $698, SSI recipients cannot access affordable housing.

8. Has been deemed discriminatory by selectively enforcing the law against homeless people.

9. Criminal records create barriers to access to housing, employment and services such as health care—federal benefits are suspended while a person is incarcerated,

10. Laws or policies that result in the loss or destruction of important medication or keep homeless persons from accessing food or services can result in serious health consequences,

11. Negatively impacts service providers’ abilities to do their work and wastes resources: compromises the job of outreach workers as they would be considered an extension of the law which may break bonds with clients, diminishing the chances that they will access services,

12. Clogs and burdens criminal justice system: many of the trials that have already taken place resulted in acquittals for the accused

13. Legal Issues with Criminalizing Homelessness

  • Violates the Fourth Amendment which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures of property
  • Violates the Eight Amendment which guards against cruel and unusual punishment, including sleep deprivation
  • Violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, as the ordinance uses vague language that allows for arbitrary enforcement by law enforcement officials
  • Violates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as shelters frequently do not accommodate people with disabilities and people are therefore forced to sleep outside Because disabled people frequently cannot access shelters, a criminal record would then affect their access to employment, state and local government programs and services– which further violates ADA


  1. Homelessness is the 800 lb. elephant in the land of plenty that is now too big to be ignored. So many people walk a narrow line between having homes and living on the street due to low wages, illness, family problems and other factors. Go online to YouTube and listen to the song “Souls Harbor Mission” by Stephen Ernest Smith and The Bluffdwellers. We can do more!

  2. I live downtown as a left leg amputee. I pay 1, 550 a month for a 1 bdr loft and despite having 1 leg i use crutches to climb more than 100 stairs a day. Tell me why people have a right to choose to live on the street and shoot herion in the alley. plain and simple, get off the drugs and get a job. I really feel sorry for all of the locals here that are a averagefamily of 5 getting evicted for land lords raising the rent. I will definatly support those people with all my heart. As far as the homeless skinheads that tried to jump me for my sandwich i was carrying home, I hope u all die of a drug overdose

    1. amen brother. I have to pay way more than I can afford, have a serious mental illness but I am not going to go live on the streets and become everyone else’s problem. the trash itself is a horrible mess. I have nothing but im still not going to throw my trash and shit all over other people’s streets.

  3. I have been living homeless for the last 6 months. It has always been tight, and I had to eat at shelters to be able to afford the rent in my small one bedroom apartment. Last year the rent was raised to more than I make and loathe and behold, I’m living on the streets. I didn’t choose to have a mental disability, but I have one. And I have to live with it every day. There are those who are homeless and do next to nothing, but there are also those who have a disability and cannot work. If you judge all homeless because of one, then the ones trying to make it out never have a chance. Before I was homeless I didn’t care much about homeless people. But no that I am homeless and feel the stigma, I understand dhow hard life can be. Try to survive for a month on the streets with no more than the clothes you have on. No money, ID, food, staying the night in a house and no help from friends. Just you and the streets. Every night is a game of hiding and seek from the police, all while your trying to get a few hours of sleep in the cold. It’s hard, but what is harder is the stigma that you feel from those who despise the homeless. LOVE MORE.

    1. There’s still love in this city for you ❤ most of us know that 99% of people on the streets don't want to be there and just want a chance to get off of them. Ignore the negatives because there are so many of us who don't judge by appearance and assume the best of you instead of the worst.

    2. Homeless with a mental health issue yet access to a computer or cell phone to post that. Stop with the excuses and get off your butt and get off my streets.

  4. It’s not so much the police that’s the problem here people. Let’s see why are police called and let’s see ….who….calls…the….police?????
    It’s all of the haters that happen to notice a person sleeping under a tree bothering no’s the hater who makes it his business to crate problems for the less fortunate….I’d say a power trip…..many more I could say and I will at a later date……so put that in your pot pipe all you hypocritical haters..what goes around goes around thanks for reading

  5. I’m a national contractor I’ve been doing it for 30 years I travel everywhere now my my kids are grown my wife and I travel in an RV most the time my company puts me up in hotels but in between the time I see the country and I travel sometimes there’s lows in between contracts And I end up choosing to do some boon docking Still with an income whether unemployment or doing like post mates or something of that sort It’s more and more difficult to actually urban camp with an RV because of all the laws Let’s not so much homelessness it’s the look of homelessness even people with nice looking Arvie’s put their stuff out everywhere looking like garbage In Phoenix Arizona it’s a fucken shame That few and far between can you even park somewhere for a couple days I even hold on to my receipts of everything that I buy in that area just to show that I’m relevant As a Consumer To the process of Commerce trading of value If you don’t like the actual individual homeless person on the ground Stop pitching about it in your own complacency And start alleviating it with our fucken bureaucrats Start moving the value around in the city to work for the city and the people not just individuals or small home communities None of you are fucken really free

    1. It’s not about your Vise everyone in life has a vise never fuken mind law thats man with theory in control places not fact or truth in a timeline its about the actions of a man not what in his veins blood of my blood fuk up none of you are better then anyone one else. Finite .choke on your complacency and to your own hell even a Christian is not afford to its original acquitment to be Christian its a shame even within it’s own perdictment that itself create is losing control the poor is poor because of those theories in control places artibitraly device against the quo of the community sensory rushing back to hide on your afforded compliance and complacency of such theory being impacted as law and matterism not true emotion and understanding to fell the real.truth. through the Expressions of life I know

  6. Nope. Only the strong survive and out of the 6 million people in the metro area, we have .005 percent homeless. Of those homeless, you see about 10% of them that truly need help. The rest…. Move here with college degrees, smoke weed all day long, use their cell phones & laptops and steal city electricity all in the name of granola hippy fashion. I have no empathy for them. They need to be told to leave Colorado, period. The downside of not forcing them out….just look at California, Seattle and Portland. All shitholes now allowing blatent drug use, needles everywhere….in front of our kids. Liberal policy always fails.

  7. Liars!! Top 13 Reasons urban camping ban is harmful,
    I’ve spent years working full time at a soup kitchen in Denver.
    I’ve learned there’s about 5 types of homeless people.
    1)Disabled veterans who DESERVE and NEED ANY KIND OF HELP they ask for.
    2)People with mental or psychological issues, many of them sadly need to be cared for 24/7, because they will not take their medications. And are a danger to themselves as well as everyone else in society.
    3)Those That some type of situation like losing a job or getting laid off caused them to end up homeless, But truly don’t want to be and would jump on any opportunity to better themselves.
    4)And then the group I absolutely despise.
    The mostly younger group, who say they do not want to be a part of this capitalistic system, And being homeless is a lifestyle choice for them.
    These people are cunning and they have learned to milk the system for EVERYTHING it is worth, getting everything they can for free, instead of working, which they are totally capable of.
    5) alcoholics and addicts who spend most of their $$ on their addiction. These also need help.
    There are others that may fall into a category I’m not aware of.
    But those I meet daily usually fall in 1 of these categories.

    Saying people on SSI who only get 698 a month can not get a place is totally untrue.
    Section 8 housing is based on a sliding scale my friend who only receives 600 a month in SSI only has to pay 300 for rent, for his own one bedroom apt.
    Saying that homeless shelters do not abide by the ADA requirements for the disabled is another deceptive statement.
    Maybe most of these people cannot afford their own place, Even if they didn’t spend their money on alcohol or drugs. But there are dozens if not hundreds of roommate deals in the Denver area for 300 to 500 a month to live in a nice home, fully furnished all bills paid.
    I’ve seen People shooting dope on the sidewalk on Broadway in broad daylight as casually as smoking a cigarette.
    And property owners in Denver should not have to deal with people setting up their tents on sidewalks or wherever they darn well please.
    Look at Seattle which the homeless call freeattle. Does anyone want Denver to become another Seattle.
    Just like children the homeless will push & take as far as you will let them. When you put them in a position where they have to choose.
    to work and contribute.
    Or get out of town they will do one or the other and we will ALL be better off.
    Our city parks should not be filled with syringes and junkies.
    Not safe to take your children or your pets or your family for maybe a picnic like they were designed.

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