1. If we start building tiny house communities, tens of thousands of people will be able to live like KINGS & QUEENS. With NO MORE RENT, no more landlords & banks stealing our money, this sharing economy will allow more people to spend more money on food, health care, restaurants, clothing, and more by LIVING THEIR LIVES STRESS FREE. Every America just wants to work and pay their own way, regardless of their economic ability. And besides, who cares if they live in a $500,000.00 (average cost) home or a tiny home decked out for $50,000.00, but has DIGNITY, RESPECT AND DISCRETIONARY SPENDING.
    Our economy will BURST into the forefront of a vibrant, safe and powerful city, in which people will BEG to live here. More happy & healthy workers that will help every employer fill their positions, more money to spend, less crime, less wasteful taxes spent on jails, rehab, etc.
    Let’s STOP giving money to banks and landlords already. The time has come to live in sustainable communities and build our economy to be the envy of the world.
    In Europe, waiting tables, working in the fields, cashiers, no matter what menial job someone does, it is a “CAREER” with a livable wage for a lifetime; as long as we help build these communities. Let’s begin this in America already.

    1. Also – the tax savings will reach into the tens of millions of dollars. Why are we spending money on shelters and prisons and rehabs and wasting our resources with law enforcement when we “have a solution.” There is no more talking, there is no more time to waste.” There is money to build these tiny house communities and begin our new chapter of SAVING HUMAN LIVES, WHICH IN TURN SAVES MONEY AND WILL FINALLY BE USED TO EMPLOY THESE AMAZING RESOURCES. Heck, you Coloradans legalized marijuana (like prohibition) since the trade off was since people were going to smoke it anyway, why not legalize & tax it as opposed to handing these profits to Mexico drug cartels and imprisoning our non violent brothers & sisters. Well, the same goes here. It is GUARANTEED to work and cost less than our present system.
      My God, please help this organization move forward so the homeless get working, stop using drugs, stop living on the streets, stop using our hospital resources, save tax dollars, stop violent behavior, live in their own homes & be productive members of our society.

    2. This would help so many people and possible even help some people who are able to work to get jobs. Me and Mom being homeless we are totally on board for this. We are both looking for work even though I have a monthly income. But with apartments being so high and most places doing credit checks and background it makes it hard for people to live. Some of us homeless would like a tiny home. Hell, even motels are really expensive.

  2. you have a naive idea about addiction,
    giving people “tiny homes” won’t do anything towards solving the underlying problem. Hick spent 63 million dollars on the road home program which did nothing for the homeless but gave Hicks buddies 6 figure salaries for 10 years……

  3. My mom and I are about to end up out on the streets an we have all of our stuff with us. With a bike and and stuff we are unable to get in shelters. We are both looking for jobs but it hard. So something like a tiny would do wonders for homeless people. I wish my mom and I had one. That would be so amazing.

  4. Do you have to be a resident of Colorado? Because I need help, real help. Plus I have a background in framing, can do tile . I could be a positive.

  5. I am getting rid of a 30-year-old camping trailer in exchange for 2 or 3 hours of yard work that I need. I live in NW Denver on Zenobia Street near 39th Avenue. I would like to have it removed from my yard very soon. You’ll need a flatbed type truck with winch and a tilting bed like most wreckers have. There is steel & aluminum in it. This would need new tires and a lot of work to make it roadworthy. The frame, after reconditioning, might be useful to build a tiny home on.
    Andre – mr..polyglot6 @ gmail.com

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