How We are Funded

DHOL is set up as an unincorporated organization. We are currently operating on small grants we receive from foundations supporting our work and on generous donations from the community. We are seeking grants and other funding from various sources, and we welcome contributions, which will enable us to cover our expenses and keep doing this work!

You can contact us by phone (720-940-5291) or email ( to talk about this.

Proudly Funded By:

BuckFoundation-LogoDenverFoundation-Logo      Chinook-logo

And More…

One comment

  1. You guys are pathetic. Instead of supporting the homeless why don’t you try to help them see that they can work and make a living like the rest of us have to. As long as people are giving them money they will never change. Most of them don’t even want a job. Hell I have tried to give them food a couple of times, only to have them throw it back at me or drop it on the ground right beside my car. You can’t help people that won’t help their self. All you are doing is making this city look like the dump that it is.

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