Group Orginization

DHOL is a horizontal and consensus-based group. We don’t have a president, or any other single person who is in charge. Leadership is designated to point people who are given responsibility to lead particular jobs. Furthermore, leadership comes from all members who take initiative and responsibility to lead in many ways.

Meeting Procedures

During each meeting, we have a facilitator, a note taker, and a notetaker. Each of these positions is filled by different people each week. We work through our agenda, after creating it, based on the priorities we have at the time. Sometimes when we are discussing issues we have someone take “stack”, which means that we speak in the order people raise their hands so that everyone is able to speak without the meeting becoming a free for all.


As a consensus-based group, decisions regarding DHOL are made after group discussion has led to an overall consensus on the decision. When making decisions as a group, we work toward consensus minus one (meaning all but one in the group, need to at least be ok with the decision). Individuals are free to decide for or against or stand aside or block any proposals made. While we welcome new members, a person attending for the first time doesn’t get a vote, but they are free and encouraged to speak during discussions.


Anyone can be added to our “team” email list, which provides announcements about our activities.  To be added to this list, let us know at a meeting or contact us at


If you need help with bus fare in order to attend a DHOL meeting, we have bus tickets available from and to the next meeting. If you drive a car but need help with gas costs in order to come to a DHOL meeting we can assist with this cost. If you need a ride to a meeting please try to call us at (720) 940-5291 the day before.


  1. Hi. I’m doing a social justice research project and my topic is lack of access to transportation the homeless. I was wondering if I could email with a representative to get rue statistics and information

  2. I would like your organization’s supporters home addresses so that homeless folks can camp in front of your house and yard and live in cars on your street. I have a feeling that after a few weeks or months with chronic drugs in front of your house, you would change the tune on stopping the camping ban.

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