Here are some ways you can help with the finances…

1.    Come to a meeting and drop off a donation
We meet every  
Wednesday 4:45-7:00P
At our office at 2260 California St
We  would love to meet you!!
2. PayPal Donation! 

Donate Button

3.   Mail a check
Denver Homeless Out Loud
2260 California 
Denver, CO – 80205
Make Checks out to
Denver Homeless Out loud 


  1. You guys will win your definately doing the right thing. This isn’t about just homelessness they dont want us coming together and then fighting for all of our rights not just some. Because once we do that in force corruption is fucked and they know it because they really are just a matter of time. 2017 will be amazing! FYI your soul is immortal so pepole dont even have anything to be afraid of whats to be afraid of if your infinite?

  2. I have quite a few items that iam looking to donate, and want to make sure that they are going directly to the people, as opposed to being resold 3× more than there worth. This is women’s clothes, some hula hoops and other small toys. My only problem is that I do not have the transportation needed to drop off these items
    Someone recommend as a good place to donate these items. I’ve called a SAFEHOUSE, and a women’s shelter looking to donate them. no one’s has responded.
    I will gladly hold onto these items intill Wednesday January, 18. If I don’t hear from you or the other two organizations, I will assume they are not needed, and (as much as I hate to) throw them away.
    I also want to take the time to thank you for all that you do for/with the homeless community, as someone who was homeless for five years, finding a spot where you have a sense of belonging is rare, but I’ve talked with advocates/volunteers from your organization in the past and always got a sense of true sincerity

  3. I have a small mattress company called Heavenly Mattresses. I would be interested in donating mattresses for tiny homes village. Thank you my name is Al

  4. Hi my name is Sophia and am a new, proud member. 80205 is in a critical condition and in need of varies donations. THANK YOU….

  5. I have lots of stuff but need help getting it out of my basement and into your facility…sleeping bags, backpacks, lanterns, etc. I am handicapped myself. Harriet

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