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  1. Lawyers, working for the homeless, through-out America – seems to forget an expedited issue can be heard in under a year. I am an expert on homelessness. Volunteer my time with less than $1,000 Since 1983, to 2012. I am a para legal, who also wants to work on smashing every Unconstitutional Law against the homeless, and the poor homeowners. I have worked on publicity. I would like End All Poverty to wipe out and challenge all bad immoral laws. 719.465.3454.

    If there is an office which can pay me say up to $350 a month I would gladly accept it. It would make me able to pay most of my living basics. But I am willing to work free, or for needed and better tools. Seek a printer, transportation costs, and food while researching.

    Willing to speak to groups for next to nothing, or cost of transportation, of staying in a hotel the night before the speech, over 40 miles away from Colorado Springs,

    We need to get groups together and work on Ms. Bell suit against Boise Homelessness laws, as well as To discover different augments used against anti-panhandling, or anti-camping or taking processions away. I can do this if buses, and research, or copy costs, are paid for me.I NEED MONEY TO WORK WITH.

    This could give a one place shopping arena, for a record of winning augments, across the USA, against lack of anti-Human Rights, and oppressive laws. Anyone wanting to help, I would normally say, write me. But I cannot afford a mail box .So- I say call me; at 719.465.3454. Leave a message I am not there.

    This 67 year old wants to see poverty became a nightmare of the past, in my lifetime. Jan Lightfoot

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