Swept to Nowhere Report Release

Swept to Nowhere Report Release 

July 19th 12noon

Civic Center Park (across from the City and County Building under the big tree)

On Monday July 19th Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL) will release Swept to Nowhere a report generated from a survey of 150 people living on the streets of Denver.

This report shares and analyzes the experiences of people without housing directly affected by the sweeps in Denver, Colorado. The findings give us a critical foundation for understanding how sweeps are being conducted on the Denver streets, their consequences and what changes should be implemented. 

This survey asked 29 questions about people’s personal experience with sweeps,  storage of belongings as a result of those sweeps, and provided an opportunity for input on these processes. 

The findings show the types of locations people move to when swept and how often people living on the streets experience sweeps. This report shows the kinds of property lost in sweeps and how attempts to retrieve property from the city storage have gone. Based on the survey results the report gives 16 recommendations for improvements.

Save the date! Hear a presentation of Swept to Nowhere and get a copy of the report.

Monday Jul 19, 2021 at 12noon at Civic Center Park.


Denver Homeless Out Loud



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