More Sweeps in Violation of Pending Lawsuit Settlement

Today, Tuesday July 23rd, the city set out police and public works again to sweep communities with no notice in violation of the pending lawsuit settlement. 
A community of about 50 plus that has been staying outside the Blair Caldwell Library and sounding areas for months was swept this morning, was displaced and some people’s property taken this morning with no notice whatsoever. This community has been staying in the area, being woken by police in the morning and dropping their tents but otherwise most allow to stay without camping ban enforcement, for months and out of no where this morning around 10am police and public works forced the community to pack up all their belongings and took the property of anyone who was not present at that moment. Those whose property was taken had no way of knowing today the city would come with such force and take their property. When they return from work they will find they have nothing. 
One woman, a real leader figure in the camp, was given a written notice this morning but the notice was specifically the one for the triangle area! It was a notice not even applicable to the area this community stays which would require 7 days (or at the minimum 48hr) notice attached to each person’s property. 


Wrong Notice 
Another community of about 10 people just down the street was also swept with no notice. 
The community that was swept yesterday by 21st and Stout moved across the street, down the street, and to other near by locations – some of which were swept again today. 
Now even more people without housing are scattered around the city, without property, separated from their communities. 
We need services – bathrooms, trash cans, showers, hand washing stations – not sweeps. 

#Services Not Sweeps 

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