100 Days of Action for We the Peoples’ Rights, Dignity, and Housing

Homelessness was the number one issue talked about in the 2019 campaigns. The Mayor and City Council Candidates all made promises to “do better” and address the crisis of mass homelessness in Denver when in office. 

Well, now is the time to keep those promises

We the people (the left out ones) poor, oppressed, marginalized and homeless of the city of Denver have established a plan of our own for what they do in these first 100 days. We the people are the government and elected officials are the representatives of us to meet the needs of all in our city. It is our government and we plan to take action to decriminalize homelessness and poverty, treat housing as a human right (as named by the United Nations and the US constitution), and ensure basic needs and dignity for all of us living without housing in Denver. 

#Rights, Not Slights    #Services, Not Sweeps #Housing, Not Warehousing 


The first 100 days starts July 15th and ends October 22nd.

We the people are ready to take back our human rights

  • Day 1 Release of OUR 100 Day Action Plan – July 15th 8:30am At City Hall (or in the park) Rally, Speakers and Food.
  • In the first 50 days, we are planning to accompany all 13 council people to meet with people on the streets in their district (by Sep 2nd)
  • Every third Monday of the month “City Hall Take Over: For, Rights, Dignity, and Housing ” – we will have Rally, Educational Presentation, Meet with Council Members and Mayor, Speak at City Council Public Comment, Food and more…

(Monday August 19th, Monday September 16th, Monday October 21st) 

  • In the last 50 days, vigilance to ensure that the mayor and council follow through on the proposals in our plan
  • 100th Day Action – The action plan will depend on the outcome of our demands… (Tuesday, Oct 22)

Stay tuned for details… 

Web – denverhomelessoutloud.org

Email – info@denverhomelessoutloud.org 

Phone – 720-940-5291

Facebook – Denver Homeless Out Loud 

#100 Days of Action

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