Funding Fear and Hate

We went through all the campaign contributions to the “NO” on I-300 campaign. Many of Colorado’s most powerful interests, including Downtown Denver Business Partnership, Colorado Concern, energy companies, major law firms, investment firms, banks, real estate interests, as well as major national lobbies like the National Restaurant Association, National Association of Realtors and the National Western Stock Association spent BIG to defeat the measure.


  1. I lived as a homeless camper in Boulder and its environs for a decade. Because I had the good sense and decency to keep a low profile on the outskirts of the city (where I could enjoy nature and solitude) and treat everyone with respect (land owners, law enforcement officers, passersby) I never received a ticket nor was I arrested for anything. My contacts with others were always positive, and the cops came by to check on my welfare in wintertime (not to hassle me). I never found it necessary to become dependent on social services (not even SNAP) and I chose not to patronize the numerous nonprofits.

    The difficulties I ran into were with the worst-behaved transients, who make the majority of the homeless look bad. My campsites were raided several times by bums, who were too lazy and stupid to provide for themselves except by stealing from other homeless people. Which brings me to my point: I despise the apologists / enablers who support the lowest common denominator of behavior by that small minority of the homeless who are self-entitled jerks, always pointing the finger of blame at society for their problems. They prey on other homeless people they perceive as weaker, but I was delighted to show them their miscalculation in my case.

    You really want to help most homeless people? Stop all of your militant BS which pisses everyone off. Life will be so much easier for those you claim to represent!

    Max R. Weller (

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