Democratic Party of Denver Endorses Denver Right to Survive Initiative!!!

Democratic Party of Denver Endorses Denver Right to Survive Initiative!!!

February 9, 2019

Denver, CO — The Democratic Party of Denver officially endorsed the Right to Survive Initiative today, voting in favor of supporting the initiative by over 70%.

The Right to Survive Initiative would guarantee people’s rights to protect themselves from the elements, the right for people to share food freely, and will reaffirm people’s right to protection from illegal search and seizure of property, which is also outlined in the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Kevin Brauer brought forth the resolution in support of the Right to Survive, saying “ I am supporting this because I am a Democrat, and as Democrats we should stand with those that are most vulnerable. Anyone of us could end up homeless, and I want to ensure that we do all we can to lift them up, not criminalize them for trying to Survive.”

Colorado Senator Julie Gonzales spoke, “ I am supporting this because homeless people that are directly impacted by the criminalization of poverty brought forth this initiative to secure their Civil Rights.”

The Right to Survive will appear on the Denver Municipal Ballot May 07, 2019.

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