Sweeps Continue to Push Homeless People Around the City With NOWHERE TO GO

Sweeps Continue to Push Homeless People Around the City With NOWHERE TO GO

Police sweeping people “away” one block from the triangle this morning
Today, October 30, the City sent out masses of police to continue the attempt to sweep homeless people out of sight. After being swept yesterday from the triangle area by Lawrence and Broadway, the 200 plus homeless people living in this area moved to near by surrounding blocks and farther away by the river and other such areas. Today police came at 7am and before to tell people they where violating the survival ban and must move. Now these same hundreds of homeless people are scattered about the city pushing carts trying to find somewhere to rest. All this as snow is about to fall.
The City’s two face lie must stop. While they say they are trying to connect people with shelter they take people’s shelter away. While they say they are trying to help people be safe, they take people’s property and tell them they can’t cover themselves in the snow. While they tell people to get a job, they make it impossible to work while they sweep your property on the streets.
Police parked “guarding” the sidewalk from people coming back to sleep
This insanity must end. For the sake of people’s humanity and survival.
Call Mayor Hancock and demand he end this 720-865-9000
Camp one block over where many people moved

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