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Sweeps Continue to Push Homeless People Around the City With NOWHERE TO GO

Sweeps Continue to Push Homeless People Around the City With NOWHERE TO GO

Police sweeping people “away” one block from the triangle this morning
Today, October 30, the City sent out masses of police to continue the attempt to sweep homeless people out of sight. After being swept yesterday from the triangle area by Lawrence and Broadway, the 200 plus homeless people living in this area moved to near by surrounding blocks and farther away by the river and other such areas. Today police came at 7am and before to tell people they where violating the survival ban and must move. Now these same hundreds of homeless people are scattered about the city pushing carts trying to find somewhere to rest. All this as snow is about to fall.
The City’s two face lie must stop. While they say they are trying to connect people with shelter they take people’s shelter away. While they say they are trying to help people be safe, they take people’s property and tell them they can’t cover themselves in the snow. While they tell people to get a job, they make it impossible to work while they sweep your property on the streets.
Police parked “guarding” the sidewalk from people coming back to sleep
This insanity must end. For the sake of people’s humanity and survival.
Call Mayor Hancock and demand he end this 720-865-9000
Camp one block over where many people moved


The cities say they are concerned with “health and safety” – Well so are we. The health and safety of those living on the street and how have no where to go and snow coming tomorrow…
Police and City Officials Pile up to prepare for Sweep
Today, Monday October 29th 2018, hundreds of homeless people – who by definition have no home of their own to live – were swept from the blocks of Lawrence, Park Ave, Broadway, and Arapahoe where they have been gathered together in tents for safety for months. Homeless people have been allowed to live in tents and tarps in this area for months with only scattered police enforcement of the survival ban. Now, out of nowhere, the City suddenly started sweeping people out with no notices.
Knowing they had to have some new justification for the sweep while in the midst of a class action lawsuit for violating homeless peoples constitutional rights in these sweeps, Mayor Hancock decided to use the department of Public Health and Environment to declare the area “Access Restricted” due to “unsafe public and environmental health conditions.”
The Cities attempt to act like this is about health and safety flips reality on its head. Sweeping people out of their tents, place, and community puts peoples health and safety at risk, not the other way around. Now hundreds of homeless people are wondering the streets trying to figure out where to stay and with what they will protect themselves from the coming snow.
Just in the last hour 8 people who were swept from these blocks have come to get tents from our Denver Homeless Out Loud office (we are almost out now so please donate more tents!).
This takes place only a week after the Denver Elections Division announced the Denver Right to Survive Initiative, which would over turn the survival ban and end these sweeps, has made the ballot for May 2019.
Tent and sidewalk clean in the morning just before the sweep
This notice was posted on a few post around the area less than 30min before they swept

Denver Right to Survive Initiative Makes Ballot for May 2019!!!

Denver Right to Survive Initiative Makes Ballot for May 2019!!!

What: Denver Right to Survive Campaign Kick off Picnic Potluck

When: October 27th, 12pm

Where: Civic Center Park (by Bannock, between Colfax and 14th ave)

On Monday October 22nd 2018 the Denver Elections Division announced that the Denver Right to Survive Initiative has gathered 7,026 valid Denver registered voter signatures, far over enough to qualify for the ballot. The Denver Elections Division spent the last three weeks reviewing the over 9000 signatures community members gathered from voters calling for support of these basic rights and protections for homeless people trying to survive.

To kick off the campaign after this announcement, the Denver Right to Survive Initiative committee will be holding a Picnic Potluck on Saturday October 27th at 12noon at Civic Center Park near the City and County building. All are invited to bring a blanket to sit on for the picnic — the very act of sitting on this blanket is currently a violation of the “camping ban” this initiative will overturn. All are also invited to bring food for the potluck to share. There will be speakers, sign making, and ways to plug into the Denver Right to Survive Campaign.

The Denver Right to Survive Initiative is monumental. This is the first ever ballot initiative in the nation protecting the basic rights of people experiencing homelessness. Never before has any city or state run a ballot initiative like this.

This initiative protects the basic human rights of people to sleep, sit, use cover, sleep in their vehicle, share food, and have privacy of their property. This initiative enables people without housing to survive in Denver when they have nowhere to live but the streets.

For more information:

Over 9000 Signatures for the Denver Right to Survive Initiative Delivered TODAY!!

Over 9000 Signatures for the Denver Right to Survive Initiative Delivered TODAY!!

Today, on a Monday morning, over 50 community members showed up wearing blankets to deliver over 9000 voter signatures to the Denver Elections Division for the Denver Right to Survive Initiative!! This was a BIG DAY! National attention is on this initiative, including representatives from the Western Regional Advocacy Project who came all the way from San Francisco.

This initiative protects basic human rights such as; the right to sleep, sit, use cover, and otherwise survive in public. It enables people who have nowhere to live to choose the places where they will feel the safest to survive. At the press conference Monica, a woman in Denver who has been without housing for 5 years, spoke of how the camping ban and other such laws make it harder for her and other homeless people to get by, much less get housing. She told of how these laws have pushed her to constantly have to move around, dragged her down, and affected her safety.  At the Press Conference Monica shared her story of being raped after the camp she and her husband were staying in was swept and her husband was arrested leaving her in an alley alone. Monica’s story is an example of the real effect of the criminalization of homelessness, and how important it is for those without shelter to have the Right to Survive.

After the press conference the crew marched over to the Denver Elections Division wearing blankets and carrying boxes of signatures. After delivering the signatures the crew jumped into song to celebrate the start of the Denver Right to Survive Campaign.

We will find out on October 29th 2018 if we made the ballot May 2019 ballot. Stay tuned…!! —