Dear Councilman Albus Brooks – You Wanna Talk Compassion?

Dear Councilmen Albus Brooks – Sponsor of the Survival Ban (AKA named as Camping Ban),
You wanna talk about compassion? 

Lets talk about taking blankets from homeless people in freezing weather for violating the survival ban.
Let’s talk about the police taking survival gear from homeless residents and having it thrown into a city trash truck to be compacted and lost forever.
Lets talk about passing a law that you sponsored in 2012 that says a homeless person can use “no form of protection from the elements other than one’s clothing.”
Lets talk about forcing homeless disabled seniors to “move along” while they sit in pain on the sidewalk with no where to go while waiting for the shelter to open.
Lets talk about telling homeless people they are too stupid to decide for themselves where they will be safest – facing many bad options, they make a harm reduction choice. 
Lets talk about selling off public land to private developers for high end housing no homeless person can afford.
Oh…and you want us to ask how we can increase funding for housing for most vulnerable…? Well, as you full well know, we have been asking that for the past 6 years. Speaking at city council, letters to council asking for revisions to the “affordable housing plan” to include actual homeless people, and of course starting the Colorado Village Collaborative and building tiny home villages for people coming from homelessness. If this does not count as asking how we can increase funding for low income people I am not sure what does…
So what do you say, Councilmen Brooks, you still wanna talk about compassion…?
We are saddened by your lies and destruction of our communities and our survival…
Denver Homeless Out Loud

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