City DESTROYS Homeless People’s Property

Monday July 9th 2018 Denver city officials destroyed homeless people’s property…and it was caught on camera…
In spite of claiming that they do not throw away homeless people’s property in sweeps but rather take it to storage, and in spite of being currently in federal court under a class action lawsuit for the violation of 4th amendment property rights, the city threw a homeless person’s cart with all their worldly belongs – such as back pack, tarp, tent – straight in the trash. This has happened many times before… But this time it was caught on camera.
Along with this destruction of someone’s cart of belongings, they also destroyed at least three bikes. They were about to take a fourth but a women ran over and forced them to give her friends bike to her before they threw it in the trash. They also threw someone’s sleeping pad, which may be their only protection from the hard sidewalk – straight in the trash.
Call Mayor Hancock (who is directing these sweeps) and tell him this inhumanity must end now!!
Get involved…stand up for our rights…

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