Denver City Officials go on defense against DU Report on the Criminalization

Denver City Officials go on defense against DU Recent Report on the Criminalization of Homelessness in Colorado

The City of Denver took issue with many points made in the report the University of Denver Sturm College of Law just released. As usually they attempted to justify treating homeless people like criminals and like trash by taking credit for all the work other organizations are doing (like our tiny home village) and saying how many mats they can put in a warhorse that they are more than happy to bus homeless people off to. Westword has printed both side’s positions in whole:

In Summary…

“[T]he University of Denver’s main reaction to the city’s pushback against its report: “Lifting people up with services that, though commendable, fall short of the need, and at the same time pushing people down with laws that criminalize homelessness, does not warrant praise without critique. Too High a Price Two acknowledges Denver has made some good efforts to address homelessness, but points out, rightfully, that those efforts pale in comparison to the harm perpetrated against the city’s homeless residents through move on orders, tickets, and jail time.”

The City’s lies must be seen for what they are. Lies. 

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