Denver University Law Report Show Massive Increase in Criminalization of Homelessness in Colorado Cities

Denver University Law Report Show Massive Increase in Criminalization of Homelessness in Colorado Cities
Debbie Brady of DHOL announces DU Professor Nantiya Ruan at Release Event
At least 80 people came to the release of the new Too High a Price 2 report on the criminalization of homelessness in Colorado today, May 7th at the Denver Homeless Out Loud offices to hear the findings, eat pizza, and/or get gear like sleeping bags and tarps to illegally use to sleep at night outside.

The new research report by DU Sturm College of Law shows a massive increase in criminalizing homelessness over the past two years since their first report came out.

You can read the full report Too High a Price 2 here
Here are three of the key findings from the report:
  • The overall number of anti-homelessness ordinances has increased. Between Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder, there are at least thirty-seven ordinances that criminalize behaviors associated with people experiencing homelessness. Since Too High a Price was first released, Colorado Springs has added one new anti-homeless ordinance and Denver Law students found four additional ordinances in Denver.
  • Colorado Springs and Boulder have increased the number of citations issued under camping bans. In 2017, Boulder issued 376 citations under its camping ban ordinance. Of those 376 citations, an incredible 81.9% were issued to homeless individuals. Additionally, Colorado Springs increased its enforcement of its two camping bans by a staggering 545% over the span of three years.
  • Denver’s use of move-on orders has skyrocketed at an alarming rate.
    In 2016 alone, Denver law enforcement made contact with over 5,000 people in move-on encounters. Denver police increased its contact with homeless individuals through the use of street checks by 475% in the span of three years.

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