Homeless Class Action Moves Toward Trial!! City’s Motions Denied.

Homeless Class Action Moves Toward Trial!! City’s Motions Denied.

​sweep of homeless survival spot
U.S. District Court of Colorado issued its ruling this morning with regard to Denver Homeless Class Action litigation that has sought to end the mass civil rights violations of the dispossessed in Denver. Denver filed two motions:  1)a motion to strike much of the evidence submitted by homeless persons; 2)A Motion for Summary Judgment to dismiss the case. Both motions were, in the main, denied by the Court so that the class action is now going to trial.
“There was one promise made at the outset,” says lead attorney Jason Flores-Williams. “That the thousands of poor who have been broken and violated by the homeless sweeps would have their day in court – and now they’re getting it.”
Stay tuned for pre-trail hearing date and trial to come…! Denver cannot sweep away homelessness…

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