U.S. District Court Certifies One of the Largest Homeless Class Actions in American History!!!

Thursday April 27 2017, the United States District Court of Colorado, Judge William J. Martinez, certified class action status for Denver homeless persons challenging the wide-spread and systemic constitutional deprivations known as the Denver Homeless Sweeps.  It is one of the largest class actions of poor and dispossessed persons in US history.

“By granting class certification, the federal court recognized that the City of Denver has a policy focused on homeless persons,” said attorney Jason Flores-Williams. “A policy that many believe to be an immoral, unjust and unconstitutional war on the poor.”

The City of Denver, under the direction of Mayor Hancock, continues these Sweeps in effort to push homeless people out of sight into further corners and hidden places to pave the way for gentrification. Homeless people continue to have their property taken, leaving them with nothing to stay warm, and without critical paperwork and personal items.

This is a big day for all people experiencing homelessness in Denver, as the Federal Courts now recognize the wide-spread targeting of homeless persons.

More can be read on the class action lawsuit here https://denverhomelessoutloud.org/class-action-lawsuit/.

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