Right to Rest Hearing April 19!! BE THERE!

Right to Rest Hearing April 19!!

HB 17-1314, The Colorado Right to Rest Act  is going to be heard and voted on in House Local Government Committee on Wednesday, April 19th at 1:30 in room 271, on the second floor of the State Capitol. We need you all to speak up! And BE THERE!

There will be food at the Rally at 12noon. The hearing might go late so if you can’t come until later, still come. The Capitol doors close at 5pm so it is hard to get in after that though.

Colorado state legislators Salazar and Melton introduce HB 17-1314 – The Colorado Right2Rest Act – for the third year. The Right2Rest Act is stronger, clearer, and more powerful! If HB 17-1314 passes this year – it will force the state of Colorado to abandon its practices of criminalizing homeless people for engaging in basic life-sustaining activities like sitting, lying, sleeping, resting and eating in public. The criminalization of rest must end if we are ever to turn the tide on our homelessness crisis.

Watch the camping ban in action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etCAymiuRdc

You can read the full bill language here and you can read the main talking points here

Follow These 2 Easy Steps to TAKE ACTION!

1) Send a letter of organizational support!
Click here for a sample letter.

Please send your letter on organizational letterhead, to: info@denverhomelessoutloud.org and coral@wraphome.org and all the committee members below

2) Email and call the members of the Local Government Committeeand urge them to support HB 17-1314 , the Colorado Right2Rest Act

James Coleman james.coleman.house@state.co.us 303-866-2909 Democrat
Tony Exum tony.exum.house@state.co.us 303-866-3069 Democrat
Matt Gray matt@matthewgray.us 303-866-4667 Democrat
Steve Lebsock steve.lebsock.house@state.co.us 303-866-2931 Democrat
Larry Liston larry.liston.house@state.co.us 303-866-2937 Republican
Hugh McKean hugh.mckean.house@state.co.us 303-866-2947 Republican
Clarice Navarro clarice.navarro.house@state.co.us 303-866-2905 Republican
Kim Ransom kim.ransom.house@state.co.us 303-866-2933 Republican
Paul Rosenthal paulrosenthal5280@gmail.com 303-866-2910 Democrat
Jonathan Singer jonathan.singer.house@state.co.us 303-866-2780 Democrat
Dan Thurlow danthurlow55@gmail.com 303-866-3068 Republican
Donald Valdez donald.valdez.house@state.co.us 303-866-2916 Democrat

James Wilson representativewilson@gmail.com 303-866-2747 Republican 

Sample Script:

My name is ________ and I am calling to urge you to vote YES on the Right To Rest Act. You will be hearing HB 17-1314Colorado Right To Rest Act in the Local Government Committee. This bill provides critical civil rights protections to ALL Coloradoans that every Coloradoan is able to meet the biological need of rest.

The practice of criminalizing poor and homeless people for engaging in basic life-sustaining activities like eating, sleeping, resting, and lying is unjust, cruel and entrenches people in homelessness. HB 17-1314 will allow homeless people more time and energy to access services, search for employment and apply for housing that would otherwise be spent responding to police harassment, tickets, courts and jail time. Please vote YES on HB 17-1314: the Colorado Right To Rest Act!


The Colorado Homeless Bill of Rights Organizing Team

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