Community Dialogue on Housing, Homelessness and the Right to Rest – With National Leaders


A Community Dialouge on Housing, Homelessness and the Right To Rest

“Federal neglect vs Local response”

Friday – December 16, 2016 5:30-7:30pm at the PlatteForum 2400 Curtis St Denver CO 80205

Learn about the correlation between federal affordable housing cuts and the advent of

contemporary homelessness starting in 1983!

Hear about the growing national trend to criminalize the presence of homeless people and the

historical discriminatory laws todays laws are based on!

Discuss what WE can all do together to once and for all overturn discriminatory laws and

ensure all people have a safe, decent place they and their families can afford!



Paul Boden, WRAP – Without House/HBRC Powerpoint presentation

DHOL members – Real life impact of Denver Camping Ban and Colorado Right To Rest Act 2017

Ibrahim Mubarak – Right 2 Survive Oregon Right To Rest Act 2017, Right To Dream Too

Maria F – National Homes Not Handcuffs Campaign



*”It is logically incorrect and severely misleading to rely on individual, biographical factors to

explain why societal rates of homelessness suddenly skyrocketed in the 1980s to a level not

seen since the Great Depression, and have continued to grow into the present. The fact that

millions of families, single adults, and youths with different biographical backgrounds came to

simultaneously experience homelessness requires a reexamination of historical and social

structural forces.” Without Housing….

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