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Homeless Sweeps Lawsuit second procedural hearing is this Thursday 10am

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Homeless Sweeps Lawsuit second procedural hearing is this Thursday 10am

@ the ALFRED A. ARRAJ, U.S. FEDERAL COURTHOUSE, 901 19th  ST. DENVER, CO 40294 Courtroom A 402 (20th and Champa st)
This is a hearing regarding processes and time lines for the case. There will be a number of these type of hearings. Since there will be a number of procedural hearings we do not expect everyone to show up to all these hearings. There will be very important hearings regarding class certification and preliminary injunction coming soon for which we must pack the house! But…if you can make the hearing on Thursday please do!
We rocked the court house at the first hearing to kick off this class action case and made a strong impression on the Judge! The lawsuit is moving forward and we are making this happen together!
The City is starting to play games. They won’t admit that they used public donations to fund the homeless sweeps in March 2016, they are trying to keep out relevant evidence, and are refusing to even acknowledge that there were homeless sweeps. Your presence in the courtroom Thursday bears witness to what they have done to the most vulnerable people in this city. 
Read just some of the news coverage of the hearing here
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Homeless Sweeps Class Action Moves Forward After First Hearing at Federal Court!!


Homeless Sweeps Class Action Moves Forward After First Hearing at Federal Court!!

Today, October 12 2016, around one hundred people – a great many of whom were homeless people impacted by the sweeps – went to federal court to defend our constitutional rights. We gathered in front of the federal courthouse to rally, eat breakfast and drink coffee before entering the court for the hearing. This rally and hearing was heavily attended by media covering this class action suit as the top story.

Lead Plaintiffs in the case told the crowd of how they have had all their belongings taken by police without warning and how they have been continually harassed by police threatening to take all they own. Homeless people who came to this hearing were running off little sleep this morning after a night of continual rain and few with tents to stay dry. In spite of the rain people came to this monumental federal hearing en mass ready to stand together for our rights!

In the hearing Judge Shaffer made a clear path for the case to move forward in an expedient manner. The attorney for the case, Jason Flores-Williams, stand strong for the urgent and immediate need for this case to move forward as the constitutional violations seen in this case are continuing to rob people of their rights and property.

The next hearing for this case will be on October 20. This will again be a procedural hearing but in not too long there will be the vital hearing before Judge Martinez regarding class certification. Stay tuned for updates on this case as we continue to stand together for our rights!

Class Action Lawsuit Goes to Federal Court on Oct 12!!

h-l-jClass Action Lawsuit Goes to Federal Court on Oct 12!!
PLACE: ALFRED A. ARRAJ, U.S. FEDERAL COURTHOUSE, 901 19th  ST. DENVER, CO 40294 Courtroom A 402. (20th and Champa)

Food and Press Conference outside 8am — Hearing inside 9am

Homeless people are going to U.S. federal court 8 a.m. Wednesday, October 12 to address the mass violations of their fundamental rights by the City of Denver. In spite of daily struggles, homeless and poor people here in America are standing up against powerful government and business interests.
The class action law suit challenging the sweeps was filed in U.S. Federal Court and this marks the first hearing in the matter.
Show up! Be a part of the movement for our rights!
Read all court documents here
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Court Orders to Allow Attendance without ID!

Magistrate Judge Shaffer has agreed to allow people without IDs to attend the hearing on October 12th!! On September 29 we sent this Letter of Inclusion in Federal Court Hearing to the court requesting people, many of which are homeless class members who have had their ID taken by police, be allow to attend this important Federal Court hearing without requiring ID. Today, October 4, Judge Shaffer ordered the court to allow people to attend without ID. Read this letter for further details on how this will work at court on October 12. Court Order Concerning IDs