Right to Rest Act HB 1191 Set for Hearing Feb 24th!!

The Colorado Right to Rest Act HB1191 is scheduled to be heard by the Local Government Committee on February 24th at 1:30pm! Location to be determined. Mark your calendars to come to the hearing and show the people need the right to rest!!
Representatives Joseph Salazar and Jovan Melton are leading the charge in the state legislator!
The 2016 Colorado Right to Rest Act prohibits the enactment or enforcement of laws that criminalize resting and seeking nourishment in public spaces. It gives every person the right to sleep, sit, lay, cover oneself from the elements, sleep in your vehicle, share food, and have privacy of your belongs. In essence it gives us the right to survive.
Now is the time to TAKE ACTION and tell the Local Government committee members we need the right to rest!! Call and email committee members TODAY and ask them to support the right to rest and vote yes on HB 1191. See list of committee members, contact info, and sample talking points here.
Watch or re-watch “Those People: Our Public Existence” by DAM and DHOL in 2015.
Today, February 9th 2016, Colorado Springs just passed a law banning sitting or laying down in downtown areas. You can no longer sit in Colorado Springs. The minute you sit down you face up to $500 fines and up to 90 days in jail.  Read news coverage here
We have to exist somewhere. Homelessness, and the criminalization thereof, are of statewide concern. Local laws against resting, sleeping and eating in public space are currently being enforced in cities across Colorado. Because local jurisdictions are increasingly passing and enforcing such unconstitutional ordinances and rules, a state law is needed to prevent such occurrences.  
Through WRAP we are bringing these bills forth in California, Oregon, and Colorado.
Join us in the work to respect our rights to be human and exist in public spaces without discrimination. If you have not yet done so you can endorse the campaign here.

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