Right 2 Rest Fest! January 25th at the State Capitol

2016 Colorado Right to Rest Act is coming…!!!
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SAVE THE DATE: Monday January 25th 11am3pm – Right 2 Rest Fest! 
at the State Capitol (Lincoln and Colfax)
Join us a festival for the Right to Rest Act which is before the Colorado Legislator again this 2016 – speak out, eat food, listen to music, and call for the end of the criminalization of people living without homes!
This festival is part of 6 cities across the west that are standing up this week in honor of the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr in the fight for ourRights to Exist! From Colorado to Oregon, and California we will come together in solidarity with a broad based national organizing campaign to rebuild new cities in America that respect and value us all, block by block. – See more at: http://wraphome.org/2016/01/13/honor-the-legacy-organize-for-all/#sthash.SDWKCXBO.dpuf
Spread the word…!
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