Resurrection Village Still Here and Seeking Land! 12/3 9am

Resurrection Village Still Here and Seeking Land!

Community Neighborhood Clean Up

Thursday December 3rd, 9am – Press Conference, 10am

at 26th and Lawrence “Resurrection Village”


Resurrection Village, the newly formed self-managed community of houseless people currently living in tents while awaiting city approval for our tiny home village we need a new home. We tentatively have been given 2 and a half weeks until we are evicted from the place where our community has been functioning since October 24th, when the Denver Housing Authority and the Denver Police Department forced us out of Sustainability Park, confiscated five tiny homes we’d built, and arrested ten of us. The property was recently sold to Treehouse Brokerage and Development. We have the tentative backing of Council Member Albus Brooks who is helping in the negotiations with TreeHouse for our two and a half week grace period.

We are looking for land in the downtown Denver area where Resurrection Village can have a long lasting home. In these next 2 and a half weeks we will be looking for land that may be approved for the village and for a 4 month temporary situation. We appeal to everyone who believes that people experiencing homelessness need their own self-managed community to join with us in solidarity and support!   

While our goal is a tiny homes community, right now we have set up tents, to provide much needed shelter from the cold and snow and a safe place for those who are living outside. While this has been successful in saving many from the harsh winter weather, we are still under threat of arrest because of the Unauthorized Camping Ordinance which makes it illegal to protect oneself from the elements with anything other than one’s clothing.

A path to legalization for a Tiny Homes Village as well as an end to criminalization of homelessness–as is proposed in the Right to Rest Act going before the Colorado State Legislature this year–are necessary. We need dignified options for those whom the shelter system can not help.

We are here as a part of the Denver community! We keep our camp clean and safe. We have community agreements for how we live together in this space to make it a healthy and safe place for us and the whole neighborhood.

As part of this work we will be holding a community neighborhood clean-up march at 9am starting from Resurrection Village and going around the neighborhood. Please join us!

At 10am we will be holding a press conference at Resurrection Village to share how we have been creating protection from the weather and community over the past month at this location, how we are working to make this needed rest and protection from the weather legal through the Right to Rest Act, and how we hope to develop this village into a city sanctioned Tiny Homes Village in downtown Denver.

We are hoping to find a permanent home in downtown Denver!

Please join us! If not now, when? If not here, where?


Come to 26th and Lawrence St!

Thursday December 3rd, 2015

9am Community Neighborhood Cleanup and March

10am Press Conference


How can you help?

-Join us tomorrow morning at Resurrection Village!

-Donate tents, sleeping bags, hot hands!

-Call 311 and tell the District 2 Denver Police Department (720-913-1000 that you support Ressurrection Village and want us to stay!   720-940-5291


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