Sweep Trash Not People

Sweep Trash Not People
July 12-18th
Along the Cherry Creek and Platte River
DHOL would like to help in the efforts of a clean-up
That doesn’t involve
Image result for drawing of broom
These sweeps force people out of their ‘homes’ along the river; they end in loss of needed belongings; and they are totally ineffective. In Fort Collins, officials have recognized the ineffectiveness of these approaches and are considering amending their camping ban and anti-car sleeping law to reduce the tickets, “move alongs,” and sweeps because, as Police Services Deputy Chief Jerry Schiager said, he’s not sure that enforcement “was really that helpful” last year. It is time for Denver to stop sweeping people along.
Contact us for more details in the Sweep Trash not People Campaign
See article about the cycle of sweeps, loss of belongings, and other harm in recent Berkeley sweeps http://www.dailycal.org/2015/07/08/homeless-berkeley-must-rebuild-police-remove-property/
contact us – info@denverhomelessoutloud.org – 720-940-5291
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