Right to Rest Hearing started to be continued April 27!

Together we are doing this!! Colorado Right to Rest Act was partially heard in the State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee yesterday and has been laid over until April 27 at 1:30pm. Due to our bill being heard second and time running out we only got 5 of our testifiers and 2 from the opposition. We will start back right where we left off with testimony and a full hearing on the 27th!
From Colorado to Oregon to California our Right to Rest Acts are being heard in State legislation!
At least 100 of us rallied together, spoke out, ate fine food, drank coffee, and hung out in the basement of the Capitol from 8am until 12:30 when our bill was heard! Denver, surrounding suburbs, Boulder, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, and all the way from California — we all stood together because we all know the time is now to end the criminalization of existing in pubic space!

​Mark your calenders for April 27 1:30pm to come back and show together that Coloradan’s must have the right to rest! (stay tuned for details on location)

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