This Wednesday April 15! Colorado Right to Rest Act to be Heard in Committee!

Oregon and California Right to Rest Acts have been heard in legislative committee!!…no votes taken yet…

Colorado Right to Rest Act goes to committee hearing this Wednesday
Rally: 8am Lincoln Park (Colfax and Lincoln)
Hearing: when regular morning session is done (sometime in the morning) State Capitol Building room 271 (200 E Colfax Ave) 
We need to contact the State, Veteran, and Military Affairs Committee members who will be voting on HB 15-1264 and tell them to vote for the Right to Rest!
All the numbers and emails for the committee members can be found here or below. Please take 5 min to call and tell them why we all need the right to rest!

Su Ryden, Chair–303-866-2942
R2R Sponsor Joe Salazar, Vice-Chair–303-866-2918
Mike Foote–303-866-2918
Steve Humphrey–303-866-2943
Susan Lontine–303-866-2966
Patrick Neville–303-866-2948
Dianne Primavera–303-866-4667
Jack Tate–303-866-5510
Dan Thurlow–303-866-3068
Max Tyler–303-866-2951
Yeulin Willett–303-866-2583

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