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Colorado Right to Rest Act Hearing part two April 27!

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Right to Rest Act Hearing Part Two! 

Monday, April 27, 2015 

Press Conference:  

12:30 PM, East Steps of the Capitol (200 E Colfax Ave – Grant and Colfax/14th – back of the Capitol)   

Legislative Hearing:  

1:30 PM, State Capitol (200 E Colfax Ave – Colfax and Lincoln)  (note: changed from flyer)

On April 27, 2015, the Colorado State House, Military and Veteran Affairs Committee of the State Legislature will be hearing HB 15-1264, known as the “Right to Rest Act.” This will be the second part of the hearing that began on April 15th, 2015. There will be further testimony on the bill, and then final votes from the committee.

This hearing is happening during the first National Convening on the Criminalization of Homelessness which is happening here in Denver April 26-28. Representatives from over 30 cities and over 20 states will be convening in Denver to join national join together our local struggles to end the criminalization of homelessness across the United States. These National Convening participants will be coming together to the Colorado Right to Rest Act Hearing and speaking about our nationwide work to decriminalize homelessness. Among these will be representatives from California and Oregon who have run the same Right to Rest Act together with us here in Colorado as a part of Western Regional Advocacy Project.

On April 15, 2015, Representatives Salazar and Melton introduced legislation to end the alarming trend of Colorado cities passing laws that criminalize the basic human and civil rights of people without housing who must live in public spaces. Testimony demonstrated the need for the Right to Rest Act to protect the basic human rights of all people to exist in public space- to move freely, rest, have privacy of one’s belongings, and eat in public space as well as protect their right to occupy a legally parked motor vehicle. Opposing testimony listed out services in Denver, such as shelters and day centers, without explaining why the existence of these services means that people should not have the right to exist in public space.Ultimately, even if there were enough “services” we still need to protect the essential human right of all people to exist in public. This bill is important because it regains the human rights that we should all equally share, regardless of how many services there are.

This bill will “allow people the right to rest without harassment from police and without ordinances that violate civil and constitutional rights…you better believe homeless people are being discriminated against. So many ordinances are being passed against homelessness that violate people’s rights, and this has become a statewide concern.” -Right to Rest Act Sponsor, Representative Salazar.

 Denver and other cities in Colorado rank among the highest cost cities in the country for housing. There are not enough shelter beds or housing for low income people in many Colorado cities, leaving people to wander with few places to go.The recently released audit of Denver Road Home also highlights “the potential risks associated with Denver’s Unauthorized Camping Ordinance.” And states that “it is disconcerting to see that Denver’s homeless shelter situation has not significantly improved three years after the Ordinance was adopted.” Enacting the Right to Rest Act in Colorado will allow our state to take the lead in ending the counterproductive, costly, immoral and unjust practice of criminalizing people’s efforts to survive in public spaces when no other options are available to them.

Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL), as a member of Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP), is leading the campaign for the Right to Rest Act in Colorado together with partner organizations across the state. In a coordinated campaign, California, Oregon, and Colorado are running the Right to Rest Act in their state legislatures this session.

Right to Rest Hearing started to be continued April 27!

Together we are doing this!! Colorado Right to Rest Act was partially heard in the State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee yesterday and has been laid over until April 27 at 1:30pm. Due to our bill being heard second and time running out we only got 5 of our testifiers and 2 from the opposition. We will start back right where we left off with testimony and a full hearing on the 27th!
From Colorado to Oregon to California our Right to Rest Acts are being heard in State legislation!
At least 100 of us rallied together, spoke out, ate fine food, drank coffee, and hung out in the basement of the Capitol from 8am until 12:30 when our bill was heard! Denver, surrounding suburbs, Boulder, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, and all the way from California — we all stood together because we all know the time is now to end the criminalization of existing in pubic space!

​Mark your calenders for April 27 1:30pm to come back and show together that Coloradan’s must have the right to rest! (stay tuned for details on location)

This Wednesday April 15! Colorado Right to Rest Act to be Heard in Committee!

Oregon and California Right to Rest Acts have been heard in legislative committee!!…no votes taken yet…

Colorado Right to Rest Act goes to committee hearing this Wednesday
Rally: 8am Lincoln Park (Colfax and Lincoln)
Hearing: when regular morning session is done (sometime in the morning) State Capitol Building room 271 (200 E Colfax Ave) 
We need to contact the State, Veteran, and Military Affairs Committee members who will be voting on HB 15-1264 and tell them to vote for the Right to Rest!
All the numbers and emails for the committee members can be found here or below. Please take 5 min to call and tell them why we all need the right to rest!

Su Ryden, Chair–303-866-2942
R2R Sponsor Joe Salazar, Vice-Chair–303-866-2918
Mike Foote–303-866-2918
Steve Humphrey–303-866-2943
Susan Lontine–303-866-2966
Patrick Neville–303-866-2948
Dianne Primavera–303-866-4667
Jack Tate–303-866-5510
Dan Thurlow–303-866-3068
Max Tyler–303-866-2951
Yeulin Willett–303-866-2583

Read No Right to Rest Report

The Beast of Hatred

Almost 500 people living without housing in 10 Colorado cities completed a survey in which they shared their experience with police and private security guards, local laws against resting in public space, and access to other basic needs such as bathrooms, shelter, and housing. This survey was conducted by Denver Homeless Out Loud and partner organizations across Colorado and the findings have been analyzed and turned into a report by Dr Tony Robinson and Allison Sickels of the Political Science Department of the University of Colorado Denver.

Read No Right to Rest Report Here