Take a Stand Against Excess Criminalization! Homes Not Jail!


City Council is proposing to spend 1.8 million taxpayer dollars to significantly increase policing downtown.

A top priority is policing people for the “criminal acts” of being homeless – including but not limited to, not having anindoor place to sleep, urinate or smoke weed, and asking for help (panhandling) – instead of using this 1.8 million for housing, bathrooms, or jobs. $900,000 of this will go to “estimated increased arrest and detention costs” and they estimated “330 additional arrests.”

The Downtown Denver Business Partnership, Business Improvement District, and VISIT Denver are throwing down an additional 160,000 dollars directly to the Denver Police Department to heavily police the mall.

This is happening at a time that Denver Police are facing numerous investigations on a Federal and State level for increasing amounts of improper conducts and abuse of powers.

Being harassed by police, ticketed, arrested, and spending time in jail for basic acts of survival increases homelessness and infringes on basic human and Constitutional rights.

Join us Monday June 23th at 3:30p.m. at Skyline Park (16th and Arapahoe) to walk the mall and unite at the front of the City Council building at 4:30 p.m. to take a stand and speak out not just for the rights of homeless people, but for all people’s rights. Then join us at the City Council Meeting at 5:30p.m.


Organized by Denver Homeless Out Loud – denverhomelessoutloud.org in colaboration with Colorado Progressive Coalition – progressivecoalition.org

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