DHOL Endorses WRAP Homeless Bill of Right Campaign in California and Oregon

On April 30 Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL) unanimously voted to endorse the Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign for California and Oregon organized by Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP). This endorsement states as follows:

Our organization supports a Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign in California & Oregon that will create bills to protect the following rights and prohibit the enforcement of any local laws that violate these rights: (1) the Right to move freely, rest, sleep, and pray in public spaces; (2) the Right to occupy a vehicle; (3) the Right to share and eat food in public; (4) the Right to legal counsel for infractions; and (5) the Right to 24-hour access to existing hygiene facilities.

We are excited to stand with WRAP in California and Oregon to build a movement that ensures homeless people’s rights! As we kick off the Colorado Homeless People’s Rights Survey and gather information from people experiencing homelessness about what human and civil rights are being violated, we hope to follow in WRAP’s foot steps and call for a Homeless Bill of Rights for Colorado that stops the criminalization of homelessness.

For more information on WRAP’s Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign in California and Oregon see http://www.wraphome.org/work/civil-rights-campaign#bill-of-rights

For more information on our work toward a Homeless Bill of Rights here in Colorado see our “Homeless Bill of Rights” page.

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