Call to action! Sleep is a human right!

Two Unjust Arrests in Boulder Colorado! 

Richard, a man who has no home to sleep in, fell asleep in the Boulder Public Library and was arrested for “trespassing!” When Ben, a well know activist fighting for human rights for homeless people, saw the injustice and spoke up for the man’s right to sleep he was arrested for “trespassing, obstructing a ‘peace’ officer, and resisting arrest.” He pled guilty to resisting the unjust arrest, but then was sentenced an extreme of 35 days! Richard first pled not guilty to trespassing, but latter chose to plead guilty in hopes of getting out of jail sooner. He was sentenced to 7 days in jail for sleeping in a public library and standing up for his right to sleep. 

Ben has set a jury trial for sometime in late April or early May for the charges of “trespassing” and “obstructing a ‘peace’ officer.” 

Please call and email Mayor Matthew Appelbaum Phone: 303-499-8970 Email: and ask that he follow his responsibility as Mayor to contact whoever necessary to see justice done and have all charges against Ben and Richard dropped.

The city has a responsibility to drop the unjust charges which they are bringing.

You can also contact:

Boulder City Council

City Attorney Tom Carr Phone: 303-441-3020 Email:

Freedom of Sleep – Freedom of Speech!

This activist was one of many in Boulder Tuesday night to testify in front of the City Council against a series of proposals. One was to reinstate the threat of jail for first and second violations of municipal ordinances, including illegal camping. Also there were proposals to make some traffic violations, such as standing in a median (which often is done in order to hold a sign asking for help) a criminal offense, and to enable the city manager to decide on new rules that can be posted and for which people can be jailed. All of these proposals passed unanimously in City Council Tuesday night. Every single member of the public who spoke opposed these proposals.

At the meeting City Council members just claimed they have no interest in seeing people put in jail for the first offense. Yet here is a man in jail for 35 days for a first offense. City Council members now have an opportunity to show they meant what they said and speak out on the injustice of these arrests!

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