Workshops on Homelessness at RedLine Art Exhibit “Not Exactly”


to two Saturday afternoons of focusing on 

what it means to be homeless in Denver

 at the Redline Art Gallery

2350 Arapahoe Street, Denver CO

Saturday, July 13, 1-4pm

Saturday, July 20th, 1-4pm

 Learn how those without a house decide:

Where do I sleep tonight?

What do I carry with me?

Find out how the Urban Camping Ban

has affected those who must sleep outside!

(and what we can do about it)

Tour the art exhibit

Not Exactly:

(Between Home and Where I Find Myself)

and see the special performance:

Intersections: Youth Stories About

Homelessness, LGBTQ Identity, and God!

(July 20th only)


A Report from the Street

Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL) will host an interactive presentation of the Denver Camping Ban Report findings. After “Urban Camping” became illegal in Denver, DHOL conducted a survey of 512 homeless individuals to find out how the recent camping ordinance is affecting people without a house. The findings will be presented with time for questions and discussion after.

Workshops on how to manage your personal space in public.

Workshops will be led by people with experience living without a house.

Where do I sleep?”

This is a detailed workshop on how to manage a space to sleep as a homeless person here in Denver CO. There are many options, each with its own advantages/disadvantages/risks. All of which will be explored in great detail taking into account things like public perception and personal perception of space.

“What do I keep?”

This will be a detailed exploration of a person’s belongings and the space required to keep them. It will explore things like how to pack a backpack, to “shopping cart” or not to “shopping cart” and explore concepts like ‘just how much stuff do you really need anyway’? This workshops is highly interactive.
Intersections: Youth Stories About Homelessness, LGBTQ Identity, and God!”

A Self Scripted Youth Theater Show
Before or after the presentation and workshops it is worth taking time to walk around and consider the Not Exactly art exhibit around the space–notice the common themes of private and public space in the art and in the Camping Ban survey.


Sponsored by Denver Homeless Out Loud, a coalition of individuals and organizations working hand in hand with and for the homeless.

For more information, go to

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